Approved Diving Operators

Here's our list of approved diving operators at Kilsby Sinkhole

While Kilsby Sinkhole offers snorkelling and guided tours, other recreational diving at the site can be offered by the following Licensees, each of whom hold their own licence to conduct diving activity at Kilsby Sinkhole. Feel free to make contact with any of them in the list, below, directly to discuss your next visit.

Dive Experience owner Darren Mitchell  0478693760  Mount Gambier, South Australia – Local Scuba dive instructor who can supply equipment hire, fills and tours.   All levels of training through SDI/TDI. Contact email info(kombi)

Diving Adelaide – (Adelaide and Mount Gambier, South Australia)  Locally based PADI instructor.

Ocean Divers – (Melbourne, Victoria) – Recreational and technical training, fun diving

Deep Blue Ventures – (Melbourne, Victoria)

Salt Sessions (Melbourne, Victoria) – Freediving specialists

Adam Stern Freediver (Sydney, NSW) – Freediving specialist.

The Pressure Project, Freediving Specialist. 

Total Immersion Diving, Open Water Diving .

Drifters Freediving, Freediving Specialists

Adelaide Scuba , Open Water Divers and FreeDiving.

Flinders University Underwater Dive Club ( Open Water Divers)

Melbourne Freediving Club – Freediving

Mount Gambier Technical Diving – Technical Diving

Eunoia Freediving – Freediving

Blue Immerse & Adventure with Haixia, Blue Immersion Freediving