Health guidelines

By its nature, the Sinkhole requires a certain level of fitness to safely enter and exit. You should be able to answer “No” to the following questions if you are thinking of paying us a visit to snorkel or take a tour:

Are you over 45 years of age and:

• currently smoke?

• have a high cholesterol level?

• have a family or personal history of heart attack or stroke?

• currently receiving medical care?

• have high blood pressure?

• have diabetes mellitus, even if controlled by diet alone?

Have you ever had or do you currently have:

• Behavioural health or psychological problems (eg. panic attack, fear of closed or open spaces)?

• Blackouts or fainting (full/partial loss of consciousness)?

• Inability to perform moderate exercise (eg. walk 1.6km within 12 minutes)?

• Diabetes?

• Heart disease/heart attack?

• Angina, heart surgery or blood vessel surgery?

• A colostomy or ileostomy?

If your honest answer to any of the above is “Yes”, please contact us before making a booking.