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Photography by Tamara BuddleKnown as one of Australia’s, and arguably the world’s, best fresh water dive sites, Kilsby Sinkhole has long been a bucket list destination for divers. Drawn by the crystal-clear water and limitless visibility, divers first began to visit the sinkhole in the late 1950s, making it one of the first to be dived in the Mount Gambier region.  Recognising the strong interest in the site, the Kilsby family has welcomed divers to their property over the years, originally on an informal basis and later under the auspices of the Cave Divers Association of Australia who first set the standard for safety and site access protocols.

Today, trained and student divers alike can experience the wonder of being able to clearly see clouds and birds overhead and the breathtaking view of light as it creates shimmering beams through the water.

Map supplied by P.Horne
Map supplied by P.Horne

Diving and the ‘overhead’ environment

Because Kilsby Sinkhole does present challenges not found in most open-water dive sites, access is only possible through our licensees. These are respected organisations who meet industry-recognised standards and understand the unique requirements of diving in Kilsby Sinkhole. Under the supervision of a guide, all divers have access to the areas of the site with direct vertical access to the surface (the “Lake” on the map).

While only those with specialised training – available from several of the operators on our approved list – have the capacity to enter the overhead environment, this is a great opportunity to have a taste of diving in sinkholes within the renowned Mount Gambier region.

Want more information?

A list of diving entities who currently have approved access to Kilsby Sinkhole can be found here. Feel free to contact any of these operators to discuss how you can be a part of their next visit.


482_1343083699042506_1845213937117318758_n‘Without doubt one of my favorite dive sites. Stunningly clear. Unique experience when sun is shining and the light rays refract through the water like a laser light show. For those qualified with the appropriate technical diving qualifications there is also a diverse array of interesting topography and passages to be found in its depths too. One of Australia’s most spectacular fresh water diving sites’  Review and photo courtesy of Darrell Staight








‘We just can’t believe how ultraclear the water was and how big this sinkhole really is! The diving is absolutely stunning and an awesome experience that we can highly recommend!’  Team from Diving Adelaide